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Call of Duty Mobile

In 2020, I felt excited to join Tencent Timi Studios J3 department to develop Call of Duty Mobile(CODM), one of my favorite first-person shooting(FPS) games since my childhood. I participated in creating various characters, skin, and prop designs under the art director's brief. Through this valuable working experience, I gained an unparalleled feeling of satisfaction that honed my career path as a designer in the game-related field.

My Role
Concept Designer
Project Type
Game Concept Design
2D/3D Design
Futuristic Design
Summer 2020

Tools Used
Adobe Photoshop,
Fusion 360, Blender

Concept Design 

Esther – The lucky draw character design


Other Design Works


Skins and Gadgets #1

Skins and Gadgets #2

Other Concepts



When I started my career two years ago, I could never foresee how the pandemic had confirmed my commitment to be a designer architecting the Metaverse. I began my journey as a game concept designer at Tencent Timi Studio, where I was actively involved in developing games for socially isolated people, in which they are enabled to interact with each other in the collective virtual world. I witnessed how games, being the crux of Metaverse at the current stage, empowered my art and design to be relocated in a more pragmatic and interactive position, aiding people through hard times with casual fun. Through this process, I gained an unparalleled feeling of satisfaction that opened my eyes to my real calling of diving into the Metaverse. Furthermore, this work experience also intrigued me to hone a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of emerging design technologies, which then became my motivation to transfer to a contract position with more flexibility, and then I went to Harvard's Design Engineering program to deepen my understanding of interactive technology.


Other Works


UI/UX Design, Hardware design, Design Thinking

Designed user experience of hearing aids and music app to improve the mental health of elderly people


Game Concept Design, Futuristic Design, FPS Design

Worked as a contract artist conducting game character concept design,

skin design, and gameplay gear design for Delta Force Mobile

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